Lord of Time

Friday, November 11, 2011
StarCaptain Dragonguard

Mecha Models

Nova Thwacker
V-Stalker NG27
Morehawk V28
Gingerbread Mecha
Volt Lance
Golden Star Newbatron V3008
Unhinged Clown
Strider LE
Warbear LE
Odious Reaper
Rifle Guard
Fiery Steampunk Model A-S1
Assault Raider SCm XL
Gold Nubertron
Mohawk SCX24
Maximum Automorph
Psychic Wing ESP24
Lucky Advanced Hawk

Mecha Parts Inventory

Beacon of Frost
Captain's Anchor Throw
Captain's Anchor Throw
Captain's Cutlass
E3 NH91F
Earth Day Solar Panels SC26
Flash Freeze Ray
Frostval Axe
Gift Ball and Chain
Gift Snow Ray
Ice Ten
Icy Starfire V6
Lucent Maypole
Luminous Maypole
N2 Rixty Bazook
Necryptos Bloodcrystal
Seed Shooter Q
Shooting Star
Snowglobe Storm
Snowman Automatic
Solar Spike
Star Boarding Axe
Star Overclock Chip 24
Star Parrot Slinger
Steampunk Shell Machine
Steampunk Tri-Pistol
SubZero Gaze
Ticklish Zorbo
Trophy Mace E4
Valor Badge
Vladic Blade
X-Boost: Unlimited