Capt Harlock

Monday, May 6, 2013
StarCaptain Master Dragonguard

Mecha Models

Lucky Bladestorm V38
Rejuvenated Bunzilla NG
Liberty NG40
Avalanche Harvester NG43
Riptide Loyalis
Wolfblade GEARS Edition v41
145dB TerriFi
Star Guardian V45
Nova Guardian V44
Candy Elf
Hot Tanker
Knightron AU
Golden Token
Silver Token
Platinum Nubertron SE
Shadowwolf DX31
V-Stalker NG27
Lucky Nova Wolf

Mecha Parts Inventory

30 dB NG
Ammo: Caramel Apple
Ammo: Chocolate Bar
Ammo: Chocolate Roll
Astonishing Volt Strike
Banishing Hand LX
Barbarian Cranium
Black Cat Ultra 3010
Bloodstained Bone Saw NG-41
Broken Blade
Chibi Dragonoid
Doom Harvester Guise
Elemental Ember
Enchanter's Caster Blaster
Enormous Wolf Charger
Evil Sam Rye HDNG32
Expired Mocha Cola
Exterminator's License
Fabulous Phoenix
Generic Cloverblade O'39
Ghost of Mantis G-33
Gigantic Star Jantraba
Grand Uncle
Hail Fire Machinegun LX
Hazuko's DLX Katana
Holiday Present
Hound Casque
Humorless Gatling F41
Insecro-Hawk SLV30
Korin's Preposterous Bag
Lectrocast DLX
Liath Key
Love Mars
MD Collection Box
Metal Head v.36
Mr. Z's Noggin DLX
Mysterious Key Card
Necryptos Bloodcrystal
Nova Candy Bag
Nova Dimension Splitter LE
Nova Overclock Chip 29
Perfect Ghost Trap
Perfect Witch Launcher LX
Piece of Eight
Platinum Arm of Zeus
Poison I.V. Ng-36 ml
Power Plasmid 3FS304
Rock N Roll Skull Mask
Salvaged Entrancing Laser
Salvaged Granger Pilgrim
Salvaged Nova Quadmissile
Salvaged Super Weed Killer
Shadow of Doubt XLE
Shock Pistol V38
Signal Flare 39 Lux
Snowman Automatic
Sorcerous Caster Blaster
Sour Milk Badge
Syringe 34mm
Ticklish Zorbo
Trick Or Treat J'OL
Uniblaster G-38
Universo Codex
Unshakable Bodyguard
Valor Badge
Velsing Edge
Vladic Shadow Blade
WB D-Launcher F41
Wolfblade's Cloverblade Mc38
Wraith's Claw
X-Boost: Unlimited
Yellow Ducky Submarine