El Stergin

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mecha Models

V-Hunter SC25
Newbatron V1337
SDF Field Captain
Knightron AU
Golden Star Newbatron V3008
Shadow HoverScythe Chassis
Frost Mecha
Angry Bull
Strider LE
Warbear XL
Gold Aegis
Star Captain's Awl
Ominous Reaper
Mohawk SCX24
Gold Nubertron SE
BC-ED2- X24
Skullcrusher 28K
Advanced Wolf SCm

Mecha Parts Inventory

Ammo: Caramel Apple
Ammo: Chocolate Bar
Ammo: Chocolate Roll
Ammo: Hard Candy
Cherished Motherboard
Fangor Bloodshard
Frostval Axe
Generic Candy Bag
Gift Ball and Chain
Icy Blade
Morrowood Bloodshard
Napalm Strike
Pulse Overdrive
Rune of Force
Solar Spike
SubZero Gaze
T-Flan 8
Valor Badge
X-Boost: Unlimited